i think we should prevent scientific discovery & development because they take their inventions all over the top , meaning that resources & materials they used ,they never discovered them. ‘Science & materials were made by God’ .This quote is or defines that before people were created, God created Earth with all the etc. Google […]

i think that it is not right to prevent  scientific development because people believe that the world was made with science when religious people have a different opinion. Sometimes natural resources are true and its made by science like clothing or food which technically be made by science.Also ,  without natural resources SCEINCE IS BAISCALLY […]

the flying machine debate for and against  “is it sometimes right to try to prevent scientific discovery or invention?” For  I think its not right to try and prevent scientific discovery or invention because it can sometimes be classed as jealousy. Also , that the person who made the actual invention will most probably get […]

The morning after Junior went home with a black eye and a bruised body. As soon as he reached Reardan , every single person laughed at him because he came with a black eye and also because he is an Indian.At Reardan , junior was stared at by everyone. The word stared suggests that he […]

I choose sentence 1 because i explains how it feels to be poor and how it feels that you somehow deserve to be poor. Junior says “You start believing that you’re poor because you’re stupid and ugly and then you start believing you’re poor because you’re Indian and because most native Americans are poor.” Also […]

In this book , the part I found the most interesting because the way the author compares the difference between native American and the white people by making junior live as a native American and live on Tuesday rez and go to a white school and how it feels to go to reardan and live […]

Racism in education Racism in the classmates in Reardan Racism in society. I think education has the most responsibility towards junior because he is meant to learn and so is the white kids and they need to learn instead of laughing at junior for correcting a teachers mistake. Institutional racism being biased to certain people.

The absolutely true diary of a part time indian is abouta boy called junior who leaves his home to go to an all white school. Yes, but it is also about growing up and to be brown in different parts of the world and they way they get treated. In addition its also about being […]

I would feel angry because they came in America and try bombard the native Americans out of their own  country. I think he shouldn’t leave the rez because junior and all the native American should stick together as one big family and always have each others back . Also if he goes, the native Americans […]

This story is about this boy called Rowdy and he is a  native American and he had a best friend who was a dog called Oscar, unfortunately his dad had to kill the dog because it was suffering of dehydration